Six years of Diversity Reports

Numbers from Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Uber and LinkedIn revealed winners and outsiders

In 2014 tech companies began disclosing the demographics of their leadership, tech and non-tech workforces. I’ve built a dashboard to see their progress. Kudos to my teammates from Prometheus Labs who helped me to collect data from relevant sources

Overall average numbers for Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Uber and LinkedIn are 37% Asian, 6% Black, 8% Latinx, 0.7% Native American, 46% White and 2.3% Other

💡 Ethnicity. Google has 48.5% Asian (+39% growth since 2014), Apple has 9% Black (+29%) and 14% Latinx (+27%), Google also has the lowest number of White employees 38.6% (-30%). Microsoft has the highest percentage of white employees in the industry 53.2%

💡 Gender equality. Overall average — Google has 31.9% women / 68.1% men, Facebook 34.5% / 65.5%, Apple 31.6% / 69.4%, Microsoft 26.3% / 73.7%, Uber 39.3% / 60.7%, LinkedIn 41.9% / 58.1%

Google Diversity
Facebook Diversity
Apple Diversity
Microsoft Diversity
Uber Diversity
LinkedIn Diversity

Diversity Leaders are Google, Facebook and Apple

Diversity Outsiders are Microsoft, LinkedIn and Uber

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Eugene is passionate about advanced analytics, business intelligence, strategy, and operations.

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