I’ve finished the resume marathon

587 resumes were reviewed in 10 days, here are common mistakes and best practice

Hey everyone,

First of all, thank you! This was an amazing opportunity to share ideas and learn from each other

We are all different, our experience is unique and we constantly learn how to make resumes better

Here is the list of common mistakes and my recommendations on how to make your resume shine:

  • Your contact details — phone, email, LinkedIn, location. Don’t use the full address or postal code, add only City, State. Don’t use images, icons or full URLs
  • Make a brief summary brief, describe your passion in 3 lines, no more. After the summary you Experience should go first, put Education first for internships
  • Use active verbs describing achievements, not processes. Add more measurable results (abs. values, percentages, dollars) — use them to quantify every achievement
  • Integrate your tech skills into your experience (see my Business Insider article on how to do it)
  • Add “Leadership Experience” or “Volunteer Experience” (if applicable) — talk about your achievements, not titles or responsibilities
  • If you need more space, reduce the number of bullet points but don’t remove margins or use another page if you have less than 50% of the text on it
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Here are good and best examples:

For MBA students

For Undergraduate and Graduate Students with < 3 years of experience

For Professionals (3–7 years of experience)

For Professionals (7+ years of experience)

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