5 ways to make your resume stand out

I’ve reviewed 200+ resumes by now and here is my advice on how to make your resume perfect

1. Well-organized header: Your name, targeted role or expertise, contacts (phone, email, 1–2 hyperlinks — LinkedIn, GitHub or Portfolio, location — city and state). Don’t use full URLs and full address. Don’t share personal data (e.g. date of birth, passport details)


2. Brief resume summary: A short paragraph of text 2–3 lines, don’t repeat achievements or information that is visible in your experience

3. Bold experience: Use active verbs, such as managed, led, spearheaded, co-founded, developed, created, implemented etc. instead of passive verbs: monitored, analyzed, assisted, helped etc. Use the past tense even for the present experience. You share achievements that happened, not responsibilities or functions


4. Quantifiable achievements: Make achievements measurable, use absolute numbers, percentages, any quantifiable information. It helps people to evaluate your impact


5. Good templates: There are good and bad templates, but the best one is still a classic template with a clear structure. Because a recruiter has only 20 sec to review a resume. The presence of any unusual elements takes time to understand them. Be considerate about it. Use one additional page for every 7–10 years of experience


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Eugene is passionate about advanced analytics, business intelligence, strategy, and operations.

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