3 common resume mistakes and how to avoid them

I’ve reviewed 100s of resumes this week and found 3 common mistakes that you can avoid and make your resume shine

  • Contact information. Don’t use full URLs for LinkedIn, GitHub, Portfolio, etc. Instead, use hyperlinks. Make it short and simple. Don’t use icons or words such as “email“, “phone“, “address“. It’s obvious that @gmail.com is your email. Don’t share your full address or postal code, provide only “City, State”


Notes: Start with your experience, move Education to the bottom, integrate skills into your experience, use active verbs, measure your success, name sections correctly, make it simple and remove unimportant information

Notes: Don’t use blue colors, underlines, CAPS LOCK for your text, remove lines and separators that don’t make any sense

Notes: Don’t use grey text, it’s hard to read, a two-column resume is hard to navigate and it takes time to understand its structure. Use a classic resume template

Notes: Don’t use a tiny font and too many bullet points

Notes: No experience, no clear structure, lack of measurable achievements


Notes: Clear structure, great experience, active verbs, measurable results, skills are integrated into the experience

I hope these insights will help you to create a perfect resume and find a dream job

Eugene is passionate about advanced analytics, business intelligence, strategy, and operations.

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